Lake associations should be the leaders of the community and activists for responsible management of the environment. 

Satisfying both is not always easy and often creates difficult ultimatums for the community.

Most communities want the weeds and muck removed as cheaply and safely as possible; however, most are unaware of the harmful side effects that come with cheap solutions, labeled as safe.

Excavating muck or weeds is expensive and causes a major disruption to the natural habitat of many species. Chemical weed treatments are just as disruptive and can kill a variety of aquatic life forms.  

Both create a vicious cycle of death, debris, and excess sediment which inhibits anaerobic bacteria to break down the sediment which creates  muck, which then produces more weeds while prohibiting natural growth for other healthy plant-life.


Chemical weed treatments and excavating muck are 

expensive, damaging to the environment and only fix the problem temporarily. 

Fortunately, we have a long-term, all-natural management solution that is easier and more cost-effective than any other in the market.

Now, with our patented Bio-Health Pod System we can help 

resolve these issues and maintain a healthy habitat 


Our all-natural systems are safe for the environment and are easy to install yourself, or you can have us professionally install them for you. 

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