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Golf Courses


Ponds on a golf course are more than just obstacles that guests encounter when they are enjoying their time off.


They are an aesthetic backdrop that enables a sense of beauty and gives a distinct ambience for the environment they wish to be surrounded with. A pond also provides an eco-friendly habitat for many species that choose to make it their home. 

In essence, quality management of each pond is an essential role in establishing a healthy and enjoyable environment.

The problem that most ponds face is the increase in anaerobic bacteria that feed on debris and sediment which produces weeds and algae. 

Our team has developed an all-natural solution to take care of these problems and to re-establish a healthy habitat. 


Managing your ponds is easier today than it's ever been.


Traditionally you would pay a management team or hire additional groundskeepers to rake out or even dredge the pond to cleanup algae, weeds, debris, and muck. This often results in high expenses, the need to obtain permits and is only a temporary fix.

Now, with our patented Bio-Health Pod system we can help you resolve these issues in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Our all-natural systems are built for different size ponds and lakes and are easy to install yourself, or you can have us professionally install them for you. 

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