Bio-Health Golf

Is Your Pond A

Weed Monster?

Stop Feeding The Monster

And Start Restoring

Your Pond!

You will never solve the weed & algae problem unless you manage the nutrients.

Bio-Health Pod Systems aggressively reduce the nutrients.

Bio-Health Pod Systems are powerful, natural bio-generators installed in ponds. They aggressively consume muck on the bottom and excessive nutrients in the water column starving out algae and lowering the muck.  Aerators and fountains help but not enough to save your pond, and dredging is way too expensive.  Start managing the nutrients and watch the transformation in your pond with our patented Bio-Health Pod Systems. They're easy to install and once in your pond deliver continuous 24/7 treatment leaving you time for other course needs. Full service programs are available in southeast lower Michigan.

Pond Transformation

This 7th hole pond in Canton, Michigan suffered from heavy algae and a strong unpleasant odor. Chemical treatments were not helping. The golf course superintendent and neighboring homeowners were unhappy. We installed a Bio-Health Pod System, and within 6 weeks the algae went away along with the noxious odor. Our unique bio-generation technology continuously delivers powerful and natural treatment lowering muck and suppressing algae blooms.

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