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The Key to Solving

Muck & Weeds Is Reducing The Nutrients.

Bio-Health Pod Systems deliver powerful, natural, and enviromentely beneficial treatment 24-7. Installed systems continuously produce billions of beneficial bacteria microbes that aggressively consume and digest muck on the bottom and suspended nutrients in the water column. Muck and suspended nutrients are the fuel for invasive weeds. Our system solves the underlying problem allowing you to restore and enjoy your lakefront! 

Lakefront System Design


This lakefront owner on Woodland Lake, Brighton Michigan tried blowers, muck mats, and sanding, but nothing worked. Our system was installed and the muck level is going down and the lily pads have greatly reduced! 

This lakefront owner on Lake Somerset 

loves his Bio-Health Pod System.

We designed & patented Bio-Health Pod Systems and are proud to build them in Michigan. Made in the USA!

Our system delivers 100% natural treatment. No toxic chemicals are used, and healthy aquatic systems are restored

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