Nurseries & Farms


One of the primary roles of a Nursery or Farm is to feed 

quality nourishment to a variety of plant-life and domestics, and to provide a safe and healthy environment for them to grow in.

As you know, nutrients and supplements are not the only feeding factors that contribute to the growth and development of a healthy plant; thus, the quality of water that each plant receives is just as, if not more, important. 

Oxygen, Ph, Alkalinity, and Soluble Salt levels directly impact how well the plant can absorb healthy nutrients, and it stems from the quality of water that is sourced. 

Many Nurseries and Farms use a reservoir, or some sort of filtration system connected to a local well or pond. In either system it is vital that these sources are treated, even before the use of a filtration system, to ensure healthy water. 


Managing and maintaining healthy reservoirs, wells, and ponds is easier today than it's ever been.


Traditionally, owners would purchase large filtration systems that would remove chemicals and debris in effort to cleanse the water.

Often these filtration systems are highly expensive and difficult to operate and maintain; and, they often remove natural minerals, and other quality nutrients, while not fully removing all the harmful chemicals and bacteria. 

Now, with our All-Natural patented Bio-Health Pod System we can help you resolve these issues in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Our system uses natural resources that are environmentally friendly and optimal for rebuilding healthy habitats. 

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