Weeds and Muck

Public and private parks are meant to be an enjoyable experience for all walks of life.


When managed properly they offer a variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts while still maintaining a beautiful habitat for different species.

In a society that continues to grow rapidly, it is highly important that we make significant improvements in preserving and growing natural wildlife without causing more harm than good. 


Fortunately, our team has developed a product that assists in removing muck and algae, while replenishing oxygen in effort to rebuild and sustain natural aquatic habitats without causing any negative side effects to the environment. 



Managing lakes, rivers, and ponds is easier, safer, and more cost-efficient than it's ever been.

Traditionally, parks would pay for excavation, manual  weed removal, or weed treatment which could be harmful for the environment and are temporary solutions. 


Now, with our patented Bio-Health Pod system we can help cleanse different bodies of water with nano-bacteria that is fast and effective.

Our all-natural systems are safe for the environment and are easy to install yourself, or you can have us professionally install them for you. 

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