Private Ponds


Private ponds can be a beautiful addition to your property and provide a healthy habitat for a variety of animals and plants. 

They can range in size and functionality, but often seem to develop similar problems for owners and caretakers.

The problem that most ponds face is the increase in anaerobic bacteria that feeds on debris and sediment which produces muck enabling weeds and algae to develop.

Sometimes it takes years before you start to realize the deficiencies and imbalance of your ponds nourishment; and sometimes, it seems like it happened over night. 


Regardless of how long the muck and weeds take to develop, it may never return to it's original health on it's own; thus, we have developed a system that provides organic replenishment for a healthy, thriving pond. 


Managing and maintaining a healthy pond is easier today than it's ever been.


Traditionally, owners would pay for excavation, chemical treatments, or muck pellets in an effort to fix their problem. 


These solutions are typically expensive, ineffective, and temporary, often resulting in multiple treatments and more money spent without fully fixing the problem.

Now, with our All-Natural patented Bio-Health Pod System we can help you resolve these issues in a simple and cost-effective manner.


Our system uses natural resources that are environmentally friendly and optimal for rebuilding healthy habitats; and, can show exceptional improvement in as little as 6 weeks. 

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