Weeds and Algae


When you have a lot of muck you lose depth and the only thing that survives are invasive weeds.

As you lose depth, the water gets hotter, sunlight can get to the bottom quicker, growing the weeds 

faster; and so, if you want to get rid of the weeds you have to deal with the muck. 


Although we’re not treating weeds specifically, the Bio-Health Pod System was designed to remove muck in a safe and effective manner which can lead to fewer weeds. 


Algae are non-rooted plants that can grow rapidly in warm water when exposed to high levels of sunlight and a large source of nutrients; and, Algae needs very little oxygen to survive. 


When a lake, river, or pond is thick with muck, it drops the levels of oxygen and kills more vegetation 

which produces more nutrients for Algae to eat. 


The Bio-Health Pod System removes muck and excess nutrients, and allows oxygen to replenish so that healthy plant life can thrive which helps eliminate algae.

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