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Lakefront Owners

Muck and Weeds

Lakefront property can be difficult to manage, especially the weeds and muck that develop.

Year after year, lakefront owners are often surprised with rapid growing weeds despite the amount of chemical treatments that are implemented. 

Many owners are also surprised to find how mucky their shallows are, even when they can see clear to the bottom. 

The problem is the lack of oxygen causing anaerobic bacteria to consume natural sediment, including the weeds that were treated and had died. This broken down sediment expels Hydrogen Sulfide which is toxic to aerobic bacteria, insects, and fish which leads to more death and debris that eat up oxygen and produces more anaerobic bacteria, which in turn produces more muck! 


Managing the weeds and muck on your property is easier today than it's ever been.


Traditionally you would pay for multiple chemical weed treatments which are harmful to the environment. 

In addition you would pay a management team to excavate the muck, often resulting in high expenses and serving as a temporary solution.

Now, with our patented Bio-Health Pod System we can help you resolve these issues in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Our all-natural systems are safe for the environment and are easy to install yourself, or you can have us professionally install them for you. 

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